Hi, Guys. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our EDM producer, Archie Marais. Archie grew up in Pretoria, South Africa where he studied Digital Music Production through Emendy Sound and Media Technologies. After he completed his studies, he worked with various artists both live and in studio. In 2013, he relocated to Cape Town, South Africa to promote his music career. Currently, he works at Small Room Studio Productions as sound engineer and at Audio Production Academy as principal/lecturer.

His goal in life is to advance the electronic music genre, EDM, in South Africa and Internationally. In a short interview he said: “In reaching my goal, I help aspiring artists produce top quality music and create my own electronic music.”

If you guys would like to know what this talented EDM Producer is capable of you are at the right place. Archie recently released two new singles titled “Flight” and “Night and Day” that is worth checking out.

If you like what you hear? Then you will be excited to know that from now on he will be releasing a new single every month. So be on the lookout for new music!