Archie Marais does about everything, as long as it has to do with music. His journey began in 2008 at the school for Emendy Sound and Music Technologies where he studied until he graduated in 2010. After graduating, Archie began his work with the Ice Project band playing a critical role in the recording of their demo album. When the Ice Project Band began to work with The Parlotones, Archie was their live sound engineer. Along his journey, Archie has worked with many influential artists, including: The Parlotones, Elvis Blue, Prime Circle, Heuwels Fantasties, and Jack Parow. Archie enjoys collaboration with other artists as it enhances both parties musical creativity and adds exciting new input.
Currently, Archie is a music producer at Zandkloof Independent Records. While he produces music for Zandkloof Records, he also works as a producer at Small Room Studio Productions. Besides producing, Archie hopes to share his knowledge with other future music students, running his own online college.
Though Archie is a man of many talents, it was his DJ performances that lead him to discover his passion for EDM and dance music. Being signed as a solo artist at Zandkloof Records, Archie has been able to unlock this talent. Archie shares his music with one single goal: his goal is to inspire. Archie’s songs are keen observations of the good and bad days, which we all experience every day. To understand Archie’s work, you simply have to look around. Archie’s music is honest and powerful. It speaks to the soul because it comes from the soul. His motivation is imagining all the people who will hear his music and feel inspired by his words. One thing is certain; the music community will be watching closely to see where this talented young musician goes.

By Molly Jones